About HealthOne

In April 1956, a group of 25 employees solicited Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan – then separate entities –  to sponsor a cooperative credit union where its members, through their deposits, would assist other members.

A year later, the State of Michigan's Financial Institutions Bureau granted a State chartered license to Blue Cross Blue Shield Employees Credit Union. The credit union operated at 441 East Jefferson, on the 5th Floor just outside the cafeteria, in which the volunteer staff maintained limited hours. Membership was open to employees and immediate family members.

In the late 1980's, the Board of Directors solicited the State of Michigan to expand the field of membership to include the healthcare industry, which allowed the credit union to expand to serve select healthcare employees and their families in the seven adjacent counties. With that expansion came a change of the credit union’s name to Health One Credit Union.

In 2009, the Board of Directors applied to once again enlarge our field of membership. The application was approved and Health One became a community credit union.

In December 2014, Health One Credit Union was acquired by New England Federal Credit Union (NEFCU) of Vermont. All Health One Credit Union members became members of NEFCU, although the credit union continued to operate under the brand name “HealthOne.”